The Fishing Update

Our latest update has added a brand new mechanic- Fishing! You may have noticed that the player has been carrying a fishing rod, well now you can use it. 

Whenever you find yourself at a river bank or a lake, you just just pull your rod out hope to catch something. There are 4 fish that can be caught currently but we are planning to add more variety and complexity to each fish.

One of the biggest comments we received was the the canoe is glitchy, so we've tidied that up too so things should appear to be much smoother.

With that all being said, we hope you enjoy this version of the game and appreciate all the feedback you've given so far!

- Jamie


Portage V3.0.0 (Windows).zip 43 MB
May 09, 2020
Portage V3.0.0 (Mac) 43 MB
May 09, 2020

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